MIC proposed to establish Japanese CNIL

Yesterday, the Japanese MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) officially published a proposal document that recommends to establish a new independent privacy commission (Japanese version of CNIL).
This document contains topics as below;

  • Establishing a new independent privacy commission
  • Multi-stakeholder rule making process of self or co-reguratory rules
  • Mesures to deal with "potentially PII" data adequately, especially anonymized Big Data
  • Strengthening enforcement of self or co-regulatory rules
  • International harmonization and cooperation

As broadly known, Japanese privacy protection structure is not approved to have the "adequate level of protection" by the European Commission, mainly because of the absence of independent privacy commission. And Japan has not been able to make international safe harbor agreement such like the EU-U.S. agreement.
This is an important step for the future of the Japanese privacy law and policy.
Below is one of my articles witch deals with this problem, especially focusing on the issue of co-regulatory safe harbor approach. To realize it, Japanese CNIL is the necessary and central element.
(Sorry for Japanese only, I'm translating this article into English.)